Sunday, 3 March 2013

it's been a while.....

Hello! My apologies for not blogging for a long while. My health has been very poor since October last year and still not showing any signs of improving. Maybe once the weather gets nice I will perk up (but then there's hay fever) I can never win! I've also been busy with my music coursework and my my electronic music project Triptocaine. I've been up to Scotland twice since the New Year. I've turned 24! I feel so old by my wonderful boyfriend keeps me feeling youthful haha.
Anyway I hope everybody is doing well. I have recently made my Instagram profile public and I've become addicted to the social side of it instead of just using it as a photo editor so please feel free to follow me on there

- Jinny XOXO

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  1. Hey Jinny! Hope your feeling better now. And you look great brunette.x